Create. Grow. Have Fun.

We don’t like to think of working at TeleSpring as a “job job”. The founder and CEO of the company is a true entrepreneur and wants each and every team member to grow, be bold, creative, even if it means you leave and start you own business someday.

We want you to work at TeleSpring because you LOVE what you do, and you make a difference in customer’s lives. If you’re up for that, keep scrolling!

Current Openings:

Retail Sales Associate (a.k.a. Su·per·he·ro!)

SWOOSH! (picture you flying to work wearing a cape)

This is one of the most important roles at TeleSpring. Each day, you wake up, brush your teeth (very important), and come to work ready to educate thousands of customers about our latest prepaid cellphone plans, AND the hardware gizmos (super smart phones) that run them.

As a customer super hero you need to be fired up, fearless, and excited to meet EVERY customers you interact with. The right person for this job understands that ego can be your worst enemy. We want you to treat every customer the way you want to be treated when your making an important purchase. With LOVE and KINDNESS.

If you take this opportunity seriously, the rewards are many! Sound like something you want to do? Then apply by emailing your resume to: jobs [the @ symbol]

There are no other jobs open at the moment, but check back soon!

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